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Community Celebration Weekend

The weekend commenced with an acknowledgement to country and then we were treated to didgeridoo playing and animal dances.


The theme that ran through our weekend was coming home and celebrating the joy of belonging.  Jesus' parable of the prodigal sons formed the foundation for our activities. Amazing pottery figures were produced (complete with dancing girls, pigs and the fatted calf on the spit), to tell the story in our final worship service.


We had not planned the leaving home part but two Sydney members obliged (in search of Cappucinno) and after a long, long journey returned before nightfall. Together we prepared a celebration dinner complete with spit roasted beef and lamb and well dressed guests. A crazy party followed with lots of laughter and fun.                                                                                                                                                                     


Hunter Friends of L'Arche were blessed by our Sydney friends presence and happiness in sharing with us. We were inspired by their leading of prayers and Taize singing.  

On our "celebrating picture word board" the following words were written  C-care,  Christmas, community, complementing, compassion. E-each other, equality, entertainment, encouragement. L- L'Arche, listening, love, liberty, life, living, little moments of each day. E- everyone, eggs, Easter, enabling.  B- belonging, believing, bread, breaking borders, beauty, birthdays, beautiful open hearts. R- relationships, reconciliation, real friendship, running without shoes. A- acceptance, abiltities,all. T- (cup of) tea, thankfulness (for sunny Saturday morning), tolerance, togetherness. I- inviting, intuition, inclusiveness. N- new friends, no one left out, nurturing. G- gracious God (of) goodness giving (us a) great gathering.      

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