Beauty in the World – Joanne Taylor


Joanne has lived at L’Arche Sydney Community for 21 years.

Joanne’s biggest passion is all about animals; Pets at home, in the wild, animals at the Zoo, in the parks, animals in the water, on Earth and in the sky!

Joanne: “I like taking photos. Travelling around, seeing things and then keeping a memory of it. I like also sharing my photos with others. It is a good way to start a conversation with others – showing my photos”

This Project has been a great opportunity to combine Joanne’s longest passion with her new love for photography.


Last year in September Joanne was granted funding through My Choice Matters ‘Run Project’.

Joanne undertook photography classes, and gained many new insights on the whole process, from finding the best way to capture an image to presenting the captured moment.

Joanne also has a yearly pass to Taronga Zoo, so that she could visit her favourite animals and take photographs at different times of the year and day.

Whilst walking around and looking for the best photos, Joanne also admits that through the daily exercising she is feeling healthier and happier..