L’Arche in Canberra celebrates 40 years

Canberra 40 MEDIA RELEASE L’Arche in Canberra celebrates 40 years The L’Arche Genesaret community in Canberra, one of the first co-residential groups for people with and without an intellectual disability in Australia, celebrated its 40th anniversary in Woden on 9 March. More than 190 guests, including L’Arche representatives from across Australia, gathered for an evening of stories and songs at the Canberra Southern Cross Club to celebrate the milestone, which also marks the foundation of L’Arche in Australia. Since its beginning, L’Arche has been at the forefront of radical social change spanning the past four decades. From the dismantling of [...]

Letter from Stephan Ponser, our International Leader

  Dear Friends, Sometimes we are tempted to look back and regret the good old days as if “before it was better”! I have often thought that the best way to pay tribute to our founders, to those to whom we owe our presence today, is not to copy them, but to be inspired by their vision and willingness to create something new. In short, not to copy the past, but to transform the present, to make it flourish. On your 40th anniversary, the 40th anniversary of L’Arche in Australia, it is this energy that I hope you will find […]

Reflections on the Jubilee of L’Arche International by Eileen Glass

Reflections on the Jubilee of L’Arche International In order to place the development of L’Arche in context let us begin by recalling what the world was like 50 years ago: fifty years ago the world was barely 20 years from the end of WWII and the Cold War was as entrenched as the Berlin Wall. In the western hemisphere the threat of nuclear war was ever present. At the same time there were signs of significant social, political and economic changes ahead: Pope St John XXIII had called the Second Vatican Council, material prosperity was on the rise, and colonialism […]