The work of L’Arche in Australia is dependent on the generous
ongoing financial support of individuals and organisations.
These are some of the ways that your support can make a difference:

Help the family of someone living with an intellectual disability set up a new L’Arche community in their area

Welcome and train volunteers who come to live in a community house to support people living with an intellectual disability

Help a community member take part in the national ‘Listening and Speaking’ event, where they can have a clear voice on issues important to them and others living with an intellectual disability

$50 can help provide an information pack on L’Arche for a family of someone living with an intellectual disability

$65 can help support a visit to families and members wanting to start a new L’Arche community.

$200 can help families to realise their dream of starting a L’Arche community

$500 can help families growing a new community to partner with an existing L’Arche community

$50 will help provide vital information to a potential volunteer to allow them to support our communities

$100 assists with providing essential training to a volunteer in a community house shared with people living with an intellectual disability so they can provide appropriate support

$60 will help provide accessible resources for someone living with an intellectual disability to assist them with expressing their voice

$200 will help provide accommodation at the ‘Listening and Speaking’ event to assist someone living with an intellectual disability to articulate their voice and be listened to

$300 can help provide travel to the ‘Listening and Speaking’ event to enable vital connection to the broader community

There are three ways you can choose to help

Direct Donation

Donations can be to a particular community or appeal and are tax deductible. Monthly donations can be direct debited from your bank or credit card. You can make a donation by:

  • phoning us on (03) 6238 4341 with your credit card details;
  • downloading our Donation Form and returning it to us by post, fax or email; or
  • by clicking the ‘donate’ button at the top of the page
Corporate Sponsorship

L’Arche Australia has a variety of opportunities for organisations of any size to support our work.
Please contact us by email to express your interest in our Corporate Sponsorship opportunities

Wills and Bequests

A bequest to L’Arche will enable us to continue providing support and opportunities to those with an intellectual disability. Your generous help in this way will help guarantee the stability of life that is so important to those who too often have encountered pain and suffering.

A bequest may take the form of the whole or a part of your estate, a specified sum of money, real estate, stocks or shares, insurance policies, works of art, collections or personal effects such as jewellery. It is advisable to discuss the way your gift will be most effective with an estate planning adviser or your solicitor.


to help provide support to a participant of the day programme.



L'Arche Communities are vibrant places of welcome, belonging and celebration.

Wills and Bequests

A suggested wording for your will or codicil:

I bequeath for the general purpose of L’Arche ……. * the following items *** free of all succession estate capital gains tax and other death duties, and declare that the receipt of the Treasurer or other authorised officer of L’Arche shall be sufficient discharge for my Executor.

* Please insert one or more of the following: L’Arche Australia, L’Arche NSW, L’Arche Genesaret (Canberra), L’Arche Beni-Abbes (Hobart), L’Arche Brisbane, L’Arche Melbourne, L’Arche Adelaide, L’Arche Perth and L’Arche Bendigo
*** Please indicate clearly what you wish to bequeath.

  Should you wish to discuss any of the above matters you are welcome to call your local L’Arche Community or contact the L’Arche Australia office – see contacts

L’Arche Australia Refund Policy (Online Donations)

All Donations made will be in Australian Dollars (AUD)