Friends of L’Arche Perth

A little bit of context – Friends of L’Arche Perth Inc.
Friends of L’Arche Perth Inc. (FOLP) is part of an International Federation founded 50 years ago which has now grown to over 147 Communities in 35 countries around the world. We in Perth are in the process of becoming self-sustaining so as to be able to continue our support and encouragement of people living with intellectual disability. L’Arche offers something unique – a community of support where people with and without disability work together to build mutually-transforming relationships of benefit to all involved. We recognise the gifts that people with intellectual disability bring and value and respect everyone for who they are, just as they are . L’Arche is all-inclusive, non-denominational and welcomes everyone with an open heart.

FOLP is a registered NFP charity and a Deductible Gift Recipient.
Please visit our website at to learn more about us. for our National body, L’Arche Australia. for our International Federation, L’Arche Internationale.

But there’s a problem
FOLP is currently reliant on volunteers, private donations and fundraising activities to keep it going. We have only managed to secure one grant, from Lotteries West, which has enabled us to buy a laptop. We have no base to call our own and have to rely on the kindness of churches and groups to allow us to use their facilities, which we sometimes have to pay for. We would be so pleased to have funding to secure our own premises so that we can have a base for our Community Gatherings, events, Retreats, meetings and to set up a Perth office. A place that our Core Members can identify with, feel at home and have a sense of belonging to. FOLP needs funds to be able to rent premises or, ideally, to be able to secure it’s own long-term premises so that it can build a presence and increase its profile within the community and go on to realise its dreams of being able to provide accommodation, care and further services for people living with an intellectual disability.

Therefore, to grow L’Arche in Perth, we need help to find a permanent home base from which to conduct our activities and be a house of welcome. FOLP will then be able to achieve a higher profile and be in a position to attract funding and support from philanthropic groups, churches and government agencies. Our Core Members and their families will feel supported and know that L’Arche in Perth is a viable long-term option for their family member.
Here’s what we’re doing about it

We need funds and assistance. Help us to grow the true spirit of L’Arche in Perth and to give our Core Members a comfortable place to come back to; where they know they can find support and encouragement and where they can have fun and experience true friendship as part of a community. We want to attract more people living with intellectual disability to experience the spirit and uniqueness of what L’Arche brings. We also welcome new volunteers to become involved in our activities.
FOLP is establishing a new Outreach Program called Heart2Heart to provide one-on-one friendship and assistance to Core Members living either at home or independently. The program’s primary goal is to provide company and friendship to Core Members, which may not often be available to them. A Heart2Heart member will visit Core Members on a regular basis, giving them a sense of ongoing support to look forward to. These visits can either be to take them for an outing or simply to sit and chat and provide that personal friendship, sharing and one-on-one interaction. Heart2Heart will become an important part of that Core Member’s life, a link with the wider community that cares about them.

You can join us
No amount is too small or too large. It is up to everyone out there whether we raise enough to rent premises for a year, to lease premises for a longer term, to buy premises outright (which would be so wonderful) or to take on a Co-ordinator to keep Friends of L’Arche Perth a going concern and to raise our public profile and community awareness of what we are about.

Alternatively, if you want to become involved, thank you so much and please let us know via our website at and we will be very happy to welcome you to FOLP.

What you get
Our sincere heartfelt gratitude and a sense of being part of something unique and amazing that supports people living with intellectual disability.
We would be more than happy to acknowledge substantial donations in an appropriate and suitable way, should you so desire, and will work with you to provide this.
Friends of L’Arche, Perth Inc. thanks you for your interest and support.