As I am – Video Series

L’Arche International has commissioned a film series, “As I Am”. Through this web series, L’Arche International is “inviting us to imagine the world differently and to rejoice in who you are as you are.” L’Arche Australia would like to announce that we are going to be represented through this wonderful series. We are delighted to share that the film team will be arriving to produce a film in L’Arche Beni-Abbes in Hobart. We are all so excited to be a part of this wonderful opportunity and we look forward to keep you all updated on the latest news and events as the project takes shape.

For centuries, travel writing has shaped the way we view the world. But when’s the last time you heard from a travel writer with cerebral palsy?

Meet Mateusz from L’Arche Poland

There is a gift in brokenness … if you can find it. In this episode, Mateusz Jaworski from L’Arche Poland shares an inventive way of giving.

Meet Musa from L’Arche Kenya

In this web episode from L’Arche International, Musa Kirokote takes us where dogs dress like humans and humans eat like goats. Imagine the world differently.

Imagine the world differently.

Bogdan Senyk, from L’Arche Ukraine, grew up under a government that denied his existence. In this web episode from L’Arche International, Bogdan explains his method of civil resistance: joy.

Take Care of You

What does the word disability mean? For Raffaella Monterosso from L’Arche Italy it means when your father grows old and there’s nothing you can do but love him. As L’Arche celebrates World Down Syndrome Day, we honor all those with Down syndrome who, like Raffaella, are taking care of their aging parents. Imagine the world differently. Imagine L’Arche.

Google Larry

In the 1990s, people with autism began using the internet to build online communities, breaking the myth that autism imprisons people in a solitary existence. In this episode, however, Larry Gourley finds a limit to the gift and reaches the edge of the internet. Imagine the world differently.

If I Were a Color

People with disabilities are often more disabled by the societies they live in than by their bodies or diagnosis.In this episode, Nagat from L’Arche Egypt explains how she and her brother faced societies’ attempt to disable their humanity.

Beyond the Wall

When wars break out, many heroes go unnoticed. On International Day of People with Disability, L’Arche celebrates these unnoticed heroes everywhere, of every ability. In this episode, we share the story of Colonel N’Da from L’Arche Ivory Coast and his decision to break down the walls that divide us. Imagine the world differently.

Nineteen Paper Cranes

Your country wakes to the news that you are disposable. In this episode, we see L’Arche Japan’s response to the largest mass murder in their country since World War II. Imagine the world differently.

On My Own?

Katherine Black is a mum to two budgies, a sneaky gambler, and a fledgling cook. When Katherine was 57, she lost her mother, leaving her parentless in the world. This film tells her story as she journeys toward independence while trying to avoid its pitfalls by staying close to a loving community.

We Remember

When a life is over, we grieve. But there are certain lives, even certain populations, which society would have us forget.

Marcos’ Story | First Waltz

Marcos is in love with Ines, but he isn’t ready to share that fact with his friends and family. This film tells the story of his feelings for her, his fears about letting them be known, and the courage needed to love out in the open. If you believe love is for everyone, watch Marcos’ story and share it with the people you love.

Santos and Pipe’s Story | The Unremarkable Encounter | Episode 12, Chapter 1

When Santos was born, doctors described him as hemiplegic, epileptic, and intellectually disabled. By the age of 9, Santos described himself as a cowboy, magician, and innovative fisherman. If you can relate to wanting to write your own story, and wanting to not be labelled by others, check out the first chapter of a very long and unremarkable journey.