L’Arche Australia Refund Policy (Online donations)

L’Arche Australia Refund Policy (Online donations)

If you believe a payment has been made in error for your online donation, please contact us, in writing, at:

L’Arche Australia
P.O. Box 613, Rosny Park, Tasmania 7018

To help with the process please provide as much information as possible including:

• The donor’s name
• Contact details
• Date the donation was made
• Amount donated
• Receipt number
• The nature of the error
• Any other relevant information

L’Arche Australia is under no obligation to refund donations simply for a change of mind. Cases where refunds can reasonably be expected include:

• Donations made fraudulently
• Error on the part of L’Arche Australia
• Error by the financial institutions involved in the transaction
• A duplication error
Each claim for a refund will be considered on its merits and L’Arche Australia reserves the right to make refunds, if any, in the manner it sees fit.