About Brisbane

Community Leader: Michael Hutchinson

Address: PO Box 8362, Woolloongabba Qld 4102

Phone: +61 7 3217 3011
Fax: +61 7 3217 3044


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L’Arche Brisbane is a small Community of two households where Peter as our Foundational member with disability has been joined by Jason, Anthony, Jenny, Sheena and Danny. We also have a number of members with disability who as they say “live L’Arche differently”. They  live in their own homes but are loyal members of our community. All these people are truly at the heart of our Community; We are a community whose members come from many backgrounds and experiences, each bringing richness and a sense of genuine friendship to our relationships.

Since our beginning, we have been a Community that has had a strong faith and trust in God calling us  to be present to the vulnerable members in our society. We see in each other the “Light of Christ” and we bless each other with this greeting at our Community Gatherings as the candle is presented to each person in turn.

As a Community we recognise and celebrate diversity of tradition and culture. Current and potential members  make a vocational choice to come and live alongside our members with disability for a period of time or to live out and be part of the life of L’Arche in Brisbane.

Both of our households are situated on the south side of Brisbane. They  provide a welcoming environment where there is time for a chat and an offer of a cuppa. You may even get to join Sheena in a game of Memory or Danny in an Irish tune. Jenny is always keen to share her scrapbook and  Peter would love to chat about life in general.Anthony is always keen to talk about his latest work of drama  or you could spend time  with  Jason and his wicked sense of humor.

For about 20 years a group of people began praying and working on building a L’Arche community in Brisbane. A driving force of this group was Pat McGowan who unfortunately did not live to see the fruits of her prayer and dreaming. Her spirit lives on in our Community and we are thankful that she is now able to intercede on our behalf in heaven.

The Friends of L’Arche Brisbane named the Foundation Community Leader, Catherine Carah on 17th March 2003. The Foundation Home “Tree Tops” situated in suburban Bardon continued to provide life in the Community until February 2008. Morningside household was opened in October 2003. In November 2003 we were accepted into the Federation of L’Arche as a probationary member.

In 2004 Friends of L’Arche Brisbane became known as L’Arche Brisbane.

Catherine Carah the Foundation Community Leader completed her mandate in 2008.

In February 2008 the Bardon Household moved to Alexandra Hills.

In November 2009 L’Arche Brisbane was accepted into the Federation of L’Arche as a permanent member.

In November 2015 the Alexandra Hills Household moved to Carina. So now the two households are 10 minutes drive apart and this has assisted in there being closer relationships between household members.

Today L’Arche Brisbane has two households; one in Morningside and the other in Carina, supporting 6 members with disability and an active community membership and a strong group of friends of the community.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

L’Arche Brisbane is a registered NDIS provider. Currently we are registered to provide support in the following classes.

Accommodation/Tenancy; Assist- Life Stage, Transition; Daily Tasks/Shared Living; Development – Life Skills; Group/Centre Activities; Household Tasks; Participate in Community; Personal Activities High; Support Coordination.

We would like to advised that we charge at the price limit as set out in the NDIS Support Catalogue for all supports.

We welcome your enquiry to see if we may be a good fit for you in any of these listed areas.