L’Arche NSW

About L'Arche NSW

About L’Arche NSW

Interim Board Chair: Kumar Rasiah

Community Leader: Krishnee Nair

Homes Coordinator: Vacant

Community Life Coordinator: Vacant

Spiritual Life Coordinator: Vacant

Administration Officer: Vacant

NDIS/COS Support Coordinator: Elina Grauzdule

Administration Manager:  Asha Biju

Address: PO Box 4458, Homebush South, NSW 2140

Phone: +61 2 9787 8132
Fax: +61 2 9718 9002
Email: sydney@larche.org.au

Our Houses

We have 4 beautiful homes, filled with 16 unique core members, and a varying team of dedicated assistants from Australia and around the world. Our original home is in Burwood and we have three other homes, one in Campsie, one in Merrylands and the other in Five Dock.

Burwood House

Bruce has been with us since the beginning of L’Arche Sydney and lives with other core members Joanne,  Daniel, Marilena, Geoffrey and Kathleen. Marilena is our newest core member and was welcomed into Burwood in March 2019.

House Coordinator Vanina Fouet
306 Burwood Road, Burwood, Phone: (02)97475316

Campsie House

Janine, “Bonfire” (Hugh), Joshua and Katie share life together in our home in Campsie.

House Co-ordinator: Carla Chocron
44 Dryden Street, Campsie Phone:  (02)9787 3520

Merryland House

Our core members here at Merrylands are Anthony, Joseph and Andrew.

House Coordinator: Michelle Jeffrey
19 Victoria Street, Merrylands Phone: (02) 9637 7979

Five Dock House

Our core members at Five Dock are Carlye, Fiona, Gian and Katrine.

House Co-ordinator: Madhuleena Roy Chowdhury
132 First Avenue, Five Dock Phone: (04) 3111 5624

Our History

L’Arche Sydney grew from a core group of members who built friendships with people with an intellectual disability and their families. In January 1980, the group began meeting for regular picnic outings. A number of those in the first “picnic group” were people who were living at a large institution in Gladesville, Sydney.

In 1983 the group was offered the use of a large house in Burwood, a suburb about 20 minutes west of the Sydney CBD. Five people with a disability, several from Gladesville, and a number of assistants, lived together under the direction of Father Peter Toohey, who was previously the Catholic chaplain at Gladesville.

When a second house was established at Merrylands, in Sydney’s west, four core members with a disability were able to be accommodated and become part of L’Arche Sydney.  When the opportunity arose to open another house in Campsie, close to Burwood, 4 more core members were welcomed, bringing to 11 the number of people with a disability living in the community. Over the years there have sadly been some core members who have passed away and others welcomed bringing our current number of core members to five in Burwood, four in Campsie, three in Merrylands and four in Five Dock.

L’Arche Sydney, which celebrated it’s 30th anniversary during 2013, has grown to be a vibrant community of friends, supporting and living the life of community together whilst adhering to the charter of L’Arche.

Our Newsletter 

To receive a copy of our latest newsletter “Sydney Grapevine” please email sydney@larche.org.au

Or click this link:https://www.larche.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Grapevine-May-2020.pdf

Our Events

Club night is held each Wednesday evening. The four houses meet together for dinner at one of four different clubs.

Spiritual Soup nights are held on the second Friday evening of each month. Includes a light meal followed by a time of prayer and reflection.

For venue and time details of these events please email sydney@larche.org.au.

Other events – such as weekend retreats, family and community days, etc  – occur throughout the year. Please email for details