A message from Jean Vanier, our Founder


Dear Friends in l’Arche,

Jean Vanier, our Founder, sent a message through myself to acknowledge and celebrate our 40th Birthday party held by L’Arche Genesaret on March 9. I would like to share his message with you:

Best wishes

David Treanor

National Leader


Peace and love to you all, I rejoice for these wonderful 40 years of the birth and growth of l’Arche in Australia and New Zeeland.

I thank each one of you and especially Eileen. I remember when we met at an international meeting near Toronto. She asked when would I come to Australia I said that the Holy Spirit would show us. Not too long after I received an invitation from Sr Rosalie inviting me to Christ Church to give a retreat for superiors of religious orders.

That was the sign of the Spirit. Since then so much has happened with the beginning in Canberra and then going around Australia and New Zeeland.

I just rejoice with you and give thanks for each one of you. It is wonderful to be bonded to all of you in “Down under” as Eileen taught us to say.
So the seeds were planted and they have grown beautifully. Life has sprung up in all the communities and will continue.

So, God bless you al. I rejoice in the work of God which has been accomplished through your hands, hearts and heads.

Peace and love,