Philosophy of Care


The fundamental philosophy of L’Arche Australia is the recognition of a human person regardless of their intellectual disability.  Our experience recognises the ability of people with intellectual disabilities to welcome and accept others as they are is greater than people without intellectual disabilities. 
We believe that this gift has an important and transformative effect for many people.  It enables and indeed assists each one of us to become more fully human and can therefore humanise our entire society. 

 That is, it can influence you in such a way that your views of other people will be transformed, and in particular if changes your view of people with intellectual disabilities to recognise their status as citizens who contribute to make our society a better place to live.

As a service Provider, L’Arche has a ‘community model’ of living, rather than a medical or social service model of care.
 As a faith-based organisation L’Arche recognises the spiritual and religious needs and aspirations of its members, and respects those who have no spiritual or religious affiliation. Our community and faith life inspire us to be open to people of differing intellectual capacity, social origin, religion, race, and culture. 
- At L’Arche, people with intellectual disabilities, and those who assist them, live together and are equally responsible for the life of their home and community.