L’Arche households are similar to family homes and offer many opportunities for volunteers to participate in the life of the community.

While sometimes volunteers prefer to be anonymous, others want to become more actively involved. Some of the ways volunteers can help include:

  • Providing transport
  • Preparing a weekly meal
  • Undertaking minor house maintenance
  • Helping with a regular reading or letter writing session
  • Make a regular visit to a household

For more details see below.

Providing Transport

The members of a L’Arche community take their part in the wider community both socially and in the workplace.

Sometimes it is not practical to use public transport between a home and the workplace or a social event. If you are willing to provide transport either on a regular or ad hoc basis this service would be a wonderful support to the community.

To explore this option, please contact any of the communities listed on the contacts page.

Being a Friend

Persons with disability in L’Arche often have a limited social network. Getting to know a community member by meeting over a cup or tea, going to a movie, going to game of football or inviting a member home for dinner, can be a rewarding experience.

As with any friendship, the important elements are regular contact, informality, faithfulness and a mutual interest.

If you are looking to make new friends, and want to explore this within L’Arche, please contact any of the L’Arche communities listed on the contacts page.