The L’Arche Festival of Light in Australia

COVID19 challenged many of our community gatherings but it also provided new and exciting connections using technology. The L’ArcheFamily Day 2020 on the first Saturday in October became an International event where communities around the world took part in a “Festival of Light” online.

With cameras and candles our community members took a series of creative sunset images to share with our global L’Arche family. Social media pages filled with wonderful images, celebrations and greetings across our communities.Our Australian communities were able to take a lead in this event thanks to our time zone meaning we were among the first to welcome sunset on 29thSeptember which was the day set aside for the festival. From individuals to groups our pages lit up with smiles, candles and the joy of our “One L’Arche” family.The exciting news is that you can still see our photos and those from other communities by using the #lightuplarche hashtag.

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