Commitment and Belonging


Commitment is freely choosing to live out the Identity and Mission of L’Arche; to live out the fundamental principles and values of the Identity and Mission Statement and Charter.

It is a personal response to our mission.  Making a commitment to the mission and to the people involved means that today I desire to contribute as best I can, to help make the mission a reality in our world.

This lived experience is life-giving and energising!  Spontaneous acts of love, joy in living and working together and a growing sense of belonging through sharing a common story are some glimpses of this vision becoming reality.

Belonging is a universal need and desire. We experience this in different ways. Our belonging is grounded in positive relationships with one another and is closely linked with being valued and accepting fragility. It is anchored in friendship and a sense of “feeling at home” with people. It is not always easy to live and we need forgiveness and celebration, two cornerstones of our identity. Belonging is moving from “me” to “us”. In L’Arche, commitment and belonging enrich one another.

Belonging enhances commitment and commitment fosters belonging. The L’Arche Identity and Mission Statements set out the basis for our communities in Australia and around the world.

Identity Statement

  • We are people with and without intellectual disabilities, sharing life in communities belonging to an International Federation.
  • Mutual relationships and trust in God are at the heart of our journey together.
  • We celebrate the unique value of every person and recognize our need of one another.

Mission Statement

  • We will nurture communities of faith in which mutually transforming relationships can flourish.
  • We will promote the gifts of people with intellectual disabilities and enable them to take a full part in L’Arche and society.
  • We will be open and outward looking, actively engaged with those around us and responsive to changing needs and circumstances.