National Council

The National Leader, Deputy National Leader and Community Leaders meet three times a year.  The purpose of National Council is:

  • To provide advice and counsel to the National Board, National Leader, Deputy Leader on implementing our L’Arche Australia mission;
  • To be a place of mutual support, challenge and accountability for all the members of the Council.

Specifically the functions and responsibilities of National Council are to:

  • Receive regular reports from all members of the group concerning significant community/national/Oceanic initiatives, issues and challenges;
  • Discuss matters affecting the relationship between individual communities/national and the Oceanic, and to advise and assist the National Leader and National Board in addressing concerns and issues that are affecting the capacity of communities to meet the terms of the L’Arche Australia and New Zealand Membership Agreements;
  • Foster good relations, build unity, and strengthen solidarity across the Federation;
  • Identify, encourage, and facilitate ways in which communities and regions can collaborate with one another in living our identity and carrying out the mission of L’Arche;
  • Oversee the development of Oceanic policies and guidelines, and to facilitate their implementation within the regions and communities;
  • Oversee the movement of confirmed members from region to region; and
  • Advise and recommend the approval of applications for Project status, and monitor the progress of any Pre-Projects, Projects, and Probationary Communities, and to recommend communities to L’Arche International for Probationary and Permanent status.