Wills and Bequests

Wills and Bequests

A bequest to L’Arche will enable us to continue providing support and opportunities to those with an intellectual disability. Your generous help in this way will help guarantee the stability of life that is so important to those who too often have encountered pain and suffering.

A bequest may take the form of the whole or a part of your estate, a specified sum of money, real estate, stocks or shares, insurance policies, works of art, collections or personal effects such as jewellery. It is advisable to discuss the way your gift will be most effective with an estate planning adviser or your solicitor.

A suggested wording for your will or codicil:

I bequeath for the general purpose of L’Arche ……. * the following items *** free of all succession estate capital gains tax and other death duties, and declare that the receipt of the Treasurer or other authorised officer of L’Arche shall be sufficient discharge for my Executor.

* Please insert one or more of the following: L’Arche Australia, L’Arche NSW, L’Arche Genesaret (Canberra), L’Arche Beni-Abbes (Hobart), L’Arche Brisbane, L’Arche Melbourne. L’Arche Perth, L’Arche Adelaide and L’Arche Bendigo
*** Please indicate clearly what you wish to bequeath.

  Should you wish to discuss any of the above matters you are welcome to call your local L’Arche Community or contact the L’Arche Australia office – see contacts