The L’Arche Story in Australia

L’Arche originated in France in 1964 and in 1978 L’ArcheCanberra was the first Australian foundation. Since then communities have begun in Sydney, Hobart, Brisbane, Melbourne, Bendigo, and Perth, with a community in preparation in Adelaide.

All communities are characterised by mutual relationships of friendship, care and compassion between people with and without an intellectual disability. These friendships are lived out through sharing daily life, with all its joys and struggles, opportunities for learning and celebration.

L’Arche in Australia is grounded in the Christian tradition and welcomes members of all faith traditions or none. In a spirit of inclusiveness and respect for diversity L’Arche communities recognise and support the unique gift and the spiritual journey of each person.

Through shared life and engagement with the wider community, L’Arche communities seek to promote the value and gifts of people with an intellectual disability and support them to make their unique and significant contribution to Australian society.