L’Arche in Australia

L’Arche Australia was incorporated in Australia in April 1979. It is registered on the ACNC Charity Register as L’Arche Australia Limited as a Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) and is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR).

There are eight L’Arche Communities widely distributed in Australia. Some Communities are long established and others are in developing stages. They have independent boards of management. To locate a Community, visit the page ‘Finding A Community’. Communities are supported by and work in close collaboration in their L’Arche membership with the national organization, L’Arche Australia, and the International Federation of L’Arche.

L’Arche Australia Leadership Structure

National Leader: Claire Lawler

Administration and Support Officer: Samundra Rimal

Director of Fundraising and Development : Vacant

Administration/Office Contact- 0490 759 528- if unattended, please leave a message and we will contact you.

Alternatively,  use the Contact Us Form on this page.

L’Arche Australia National Board

Chair: Julia Walters

Deputy Chair: Robert Nicholls

Treasurer: Carmel Towler


L’Arche Australia National Listening and Speaking Group

The National Listening and Speaking Group (NLSG) is an advisory committee to the Board of L’Arche Australia Limited (L’Arche Australia).

This Charter sets out the role and responsibilities, composition and structure of the NLSG.  Terms used in this Charter have the meaning given in the L’Arche Australia Constitution unless separately defined in this Charter.  A reference to L’Arche includes both L’Arche Australia and the L’Arche Communities in Australia, unless the context indicates otherwise.

The NLSG has been established to provide a consultation framework between L’Arche Australia and members with an intellectual disability who are part of L’Arche in Australia.

To enable the NLSG to carry out its purpose, the NLSG has been given certain authority as set out in this Charter.  However, the NLSG does not have any delegated authority of L’Arche and ultimate responsibility for the services and strategic direction of L’Arche Australia rests with the Board and Management of L’Arche Australia.