Seeking Support

The L’Arche community model is based on the belief that human beings develop their abilities and talents most fully when given the opportunity to form mutual relationships of friendship with others.

Within this community model:

  • people with intellectual disabilities are called “core members”
  • those who assist them are called “assistants”
  • relationships based on friendship are considered to be as important as professional relationships in promoting the personal growth of core members
  • some assistants live in the community homes with core members just as they would live with any family
  • core members may live full-time or come for short stays in a Community household or may live in their own place and take part in Community activities
  • everyone in a household — core members and assistants alike — is considered to be equally responsible for the life of the community

If you are seeking support for a person with intellectual disability go to the Community pages  or fill in the Contact form and get in touch with your local L’Arche Community