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Acknowledging Our Donors
Your generous donations have been instrumental in supporting the vital work we do at L’Arche Australia. Thanks to your unwavering support, we have been able to:
  1. Create Inclusive Communities: Foster environments where people with intellectual disabilities can live, work, and thrive together with their peers.
  2. Enhance Personal Growth: Provide opportunities for individuals to develop their skills, build confidence, and achieve their personal goals.
  3. Promote Dignity and Respect: Advocate for the rights and dignity of people with intellectual disabilities, ensuring their voices are heard and valued.
  4. Support Families: Offer resources and support to families, helping them navigate the challenges and celebrate the joys of life with a loved one with a disability.
  5. Community Outreach: Engage with the broader community to raise awareness and promote a more inclusive society for everyone.
We are deeply grateful for your love, donations, and ongoing support. Your contributions are not just financial; they are acts of kindness that bring hope, joy, and a sense of belonging to those we serve.
Call to Action
As we continue our mission, we invite you to join us in making an even greater impact. The last page of our June 2024 Fundraising newsletter includes a donation form. Your continued generosity will help us expand our programs, reach more individuals, and make a lasting difference in our community.
Thank you once again for your incredible support.