L’Arche Family Day/Light Festival


L’Arche Family Day/Light Festival

Let’s get together for L’Arche Family Day!
This year, the theme for our L’Arche Light Festival will be “Light and Dark. Together in the world”.
This zoom online event welcomes members of L’Arche around the world.


What is the L’Arche Light Festival?
Since 1993, the first Saturday in October has been a special day in L’Arche communities around the world.
During that day – L’Arche Family Day – we celebrate our shared identity and mission and we also celebrate
our diversity. On that day, in all communities, we might expect to see candles, people singing, and a shared
meal. However, we may be surprised by the different languages and the unique local traditions across the

The L’Arche Light Festival happens the day before, on September 30. This virtual gathering allows us to
experience the joy of belonging to each other – beyond borders or social barriers. We reflect on our global
presence and honor both our differences and similarities, knowing that these all enrich our L’Arche Family.
When – Friday September 30th, 2022

Send your artwork(s) to us!
Before September 9, we are looking for artist(s) in your community, who can paint or draw a person
standing, sitting, dancing, at the beach… it doesn’t matter as long as the artwork is of a person! Please send
the artwork(s) at leader@larche.org.au

Share your #lightuplarche picture
During the week of September 26, share a photo of you with your community or your family or friends
lighting or holding a candle illustrating the theme “Together”. Use the #lightuplarche when posting on your
Facebook or Instagram.

Setting the ambiance
During the event on September 30, bring a candle for the prayer (or the torch on your phone!), a heart,
some seeds ready to plant in a pot of earth, and something to eat and drink during our time in the break out
rooms. You might think of decorating your table, using your favourite plate, mug or glass. You might even
wear a favorite apron!

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