New House Opening-L’Arche Melbourne

L’Arche Melbourne, in partnership with the Anglican Community of the Holy Name (CHN), officially opened a new house in Cheltenham, Melbourne on Saturday 21 October. We are renting this large house, sitting in the grounds of CHN, as part of a growing relationship between our two communities.

The event was well supported by 50-60 L’Arche members and friends joined by Sister Carol Tanner and several of the Sisters from CHN. Invited guests included Iwan Walters MP, the Parliamentary Secretary for Disability and Carers, Bishop Kate Prowd and Reverend Colleen Clayton.

Storytelling began with the origins of the project told by Sister Carol, L’Arche Melbourne Community Leader, Deb Finlay and Liz Benn who led the work to prepare the house.

Rose and Soknann, our community members who are living in the house told the story about our journey.

Bishop Kate led the opening prayer and blessing of the house. Iwan Walters delivered an insightful and personal reflection on the role an organisation like L’Arche plays in caring for people with disability in Victoria.

Fiona Winn and Dave Scott provided drama and music to round out the formal part of our time together.

The gathering concluded with a L’Arche tradition of table sharing around a Persian barbque, salads and much joy and conversation.

We give thanks to God for this partnership, this new house for L’Arche and the wonderful memories generated by this celebration.

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